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I noticed how important dolls are for children during my training as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher. The first dolls I sewed were for my sons. When I saw the two of them playing with them, I noticed that the dolls are more than just a toy, they are also a friend, companion, comforter and listener.

From then on I decided to make all the dolls for my kindergarten myself. Now, after seeing the joy with which the children play with the dolls, I would like to share this joy with the world.

The Mia Mara doll 

Each Mia Mara doll is handcrafted, unique and made from high quality materials:

• The hair is made of wool or mohair
• The dolls' clothes are made of
organic doll jersey (Swiss jersey)
• The mouth and eyes are hand made
embroidered with colored thread
• The shell of the doll is made of 100% cotton and Swiss jersey
• The filling consists of 100% fair new or sheep wool
(a sand filling can optionally be sewn into the fuselage)

The size of the dolls varies between 35 and 42 cm


About Mia Mara 

My name is Maria Popescu. I live in Berlin since 1990 and have been working as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for over 20 years.
Making dolls isn't just a hobby for me, it's my great passion. The loving handwork relaxes me and helps me to calm down.
The effort and care I put into sewing creates a close relationship and love between the doll and the child.


Waldorf dolls (with or without sand filling)

Size: ca. 38-42 cm 
Skin: organic doll jersey
Filling: organic wool
Hair: mohair
Weight: 380-420 g / 750-875 g (with sand)
handmade & unique

120 € / 150 € with sand filling


Cuddle doll   

The doll is very suitable for cuddling, sleeping and comforting.
In contrast to synthetic fibers, wool takes on little odor (sweat) and has a natural self-cleaning function, i.e. smells absorbed are released back into the air. After a short ventilation, the wool smells neutral and fresh again.
Dolls for the very young children (1 year).

Size: approx. 20-24 cm
Skin: organic doll jersey 
Body: nicki fabric
Filling: organic wool
handmade & unique

40 €


First doll for newborns   

Size: approx. 20-24 cm
Head: organic doll jersey

Body: cotton handmade
handmade & unique

30 €

Seasonal figures in Waldorf tradition 

Small standing dolls, about 21-31 cm tall. They accompany us all year round and at the most important festivities. Particularly suitable for the annual table.
Christ Child

The Christ Child is a symbol of Christmas. So it is the Christ Child who brings us the gifts. In the kindergarten we set out together with the shepherds to meet the Christ Child.

approx. 26-30 cm
Weight depending on the filling with sand or wool
Materials used: wool, organic dolls jersey and nicki fabric
70 €

  King Winter

After the crib garden has been dismantled on the season table and the new year has begun, all children are waiting for snow and “King Winter”.

approx. 26-30 cm
Weight depending on the filling with sand or wool
Materials used: wool, cotton and felt
80 €

Saint Nicholas

In the run-up to Christmas, the children wait for Saint Nicholas on December 6th.
Saint Nicholas was a churchman and therefore he is a bishop dressed in blue. The story of Saint Nicholas gives children in kindergarten an important value: sharing. This creates an awareness of community, togetherness and charity in the children.

approx. 26-30 cm
Weight depending on the filling with sand or wool
Materials used: wool, cotton and felt wool


Dwarfs are natural beings, elemental beings and they play a very important role in fairy tales, legends or other stories.

10-12 cm
Materials used: knitted from wool, filled with raw wool


Maria & Josef

Nativity figurines
If necessary: ​​sheep, donkeys, ox and shepherds
approx. 24-26 cm
Weight: 150-170 g
Skin color / face color from organic dolls jersey
Materials used: knitting wool, cotton, felt fabrics for clothing
120 €


Mother Earth

Figure for the season table
approx. 26 - 30 cm
Weight: 250-350 g
Skin color / face color: organic dolls leotard
Hair: mohair, wool
Materials used: wool, cotton, possibly felt
80 €



I have been knitting animal figures for over 20 years. At first I used different instructions from books, but now I've developed my own individual style. Please note that the animal figures are suitable for children from the age of 3. Children under 3 must be supervised at all times.

Materials: cotton, wool and raw wool for darning
Production method: knitted, crocheted and sewn

Virgin wool for the body
Unspun sheep's wool for darning
Length: 14 16 cm
Height: 12-14 cm
Larger if necessary
pink knitting wool / cotton
Unspun sheep's wool for darning
Length: 10-12 cm
Height: 7-8 cm
12 €
Colorful cotton blend
Unspun sheep's wool for darning
Length: 7-8 cm
Height: 12-14 cm
6 €

Merino and angora wool
Unspun sheep's wool for darning
Length: 10-12 cm
Height: 5-6 cm
10 €

Mohair or angora wool / merino wool
Length: 8-9 cm
Height: 5-6 cm
10 €

Natural white knitting wool, mohair if required
Unspun sheep's wool for darning
Length: 10-12 cm
Height: 12-14 cm
10 €
Virgin wool for the body
Unspoiled wool for darning
Length: 13-15 cm
Height: 12-14 cm
15 €
Weiteres Waldorf-Spielzeug
Felt balls
made of colored wool
Varying sizes, on average between 8-10 cm
4-8 € depending on size

  Little dwarfs
colored felt wool
Filling: wool
Size: 10-12 cm
3€ each


Screw belts
The ribbons are made of wool and cotton, knitted or crocheted.
Snail belts promote fine motor skills and the imagination of children.
Due to its stable nature, a snail belt is well suited to learn knots in a playful way. These can be easily untied again. They are suitable for finger games, as a leash, as a fishing line, for dressing up and for many other things in children's free play.
ATTENTION: As a precaution, NEVER let children play with the snail belts unsupervised.
10 €

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